Southeast Asian Peoples

Overcoming Fear Story

Overcoming fear left doors wide open for Bryan and Jennifer Sinte* to share the Gospel with their Muslim neighbors.

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Going North Story

Students go to extreme places with IMB’s Nehemiah Teams as part of a generation reaching every nation with the gospel.

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Village Faith Grows Video

Far from main roads, a village in Thailand that once was oppressed by spirit worship now has 25 believers worshipping Christ.

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Hispanic Church Embraces Story

When a group of Hispanic pastors embraces a Southeast Asian people group, they find that their call is simply to be obedient.

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Students learn faithfulness in hard places Story

Six college students help IMB workers build relationships and deepen their ministry among a people group often resistant to the gospel.

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[AsiaStories] Students navigate extreme places for sake of gospel Story

A compass only points to one direction — north. The compass of the gospel points believers to follow Jesus. See how these students followed their compasses to extreme places and lived among different cultures and people to be a part of their generation reaching the nations with the gospel.

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Hospitality is the creation of a safe space where the stranger can enter and become a friend. via @imbwomen RT @IMB_EastAsia: MT @IMB_SBC: #sendingchurches must take risks...Until it scares you, you likely aren't stepping forward in faith @jdgreear Thai, English, & Phonetics tract for reaching Buddhists with the gospel? Yes, please! Download printable PDF here: